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Practice-oriented expertise for foundations and trusts

Foundations and trusts require a wide variety of expertise, whether it concerns the establishment of the foundation, the daily management of the same, or exiting the foundation structure. Working closely with lawyers, our specialised team combines tax, civil law, personal and financial aspects with our technical expertise and years of practical experience in this area. Whether you are a founder, beneficiary or an executive body of the foundation, we are a reliable partner on the way to achieving your goals.

In addition to tax compliance, the preparation of annual financial statements under company law and the audit agendas for the foundation, we find the optimum structure for your needs as a founder, and we support you with the practical implementation process: regardless of whether you intend to establish a private foundation to protect the next generation, or a charitable trust with long-term objectives. Our experts support beneficiaries as well as Boards of Directors and other executive bodies so they can perform their roles in the appropriate manner and with legal certainty – both nationally and internationally.

Our services for founder families

  • Tax advice for structuring and establishing domestic and foreign foundations and trusts for asset structuring and (cross-border) estate planning purposes
  • Tax advice for the establishment of sub-foundations in Slovenia or abroad, and other reorganisation processes
  • Ensuring the mobility of entrepreneurial families
  • Comprehensive legal advice and support for the founder family
  • Structuring your charitable engagement for tax purposes
  • Tax qualification of foreign asset structures according to Slovenian tax laws
  • Preparing the best possible exit from private foundations (tax aspects)
  • Tax support in the context of family business governance (family constitution, family values, advisory boards)

Our services for the beneficiaries of the next generation

  • Advise beneficiaries with regard to their role in advisory boards and other supervisory bodies of foundations and trusts
  • Comprehensive tax advice, including tax returns
  • Tax-neutral distributions from the foundation’s assets
  • Withholding tax relief for contributions

Our services for the foundation and the foundation’s Board of Directors

  • On-going tax advice for private foundations, foreign foundations or trusts; submission of notifications required by law
  • Preparation of annual financial statements, bookkeeping and individual reports
  • Regular tax reviews (foundation check) of documents and organisational structure
  • On-going tax advice for (partly) non-profit foundations
  • Tax-optimised structuring of participating interests for holding foundations
  • Development of decision-making tools for the foundation’s executive bodies for investment decisions (e.g. real estate quick checks)
  • Audits of financial statements, special audits
  • Jure Mercina
    Tax Advisor | Partner
  • Blaž Pate
    Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
  • Katja Pate
    Head of Accounting | Director
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